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Funding seaweed research

We also offer funding to support seaweed research with applications to alleviating the global food crisis. 

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Our funding guidelines

US$50,000, multi-year funding with equity


Support the science behind potential seaweed applications across industries globally, aiming to disrupt current systems and contribute to building the knowledge base for seaweed-related food applications.

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Support scientists/researchers in the seaweed space to innovate and validate hypotheses related to seaweed species, applications, planting, harvesting, and other areas for improvement.

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We provide timely perspectives and thought leadership on the  seaweed and aquaculture space with a focus on sustainability in Southeast Asia. 

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Equity & support

Potato Impact Partners holds equity in the intellectual property/research and provides support through networks and connections via Potato Group holding companies. 

Have a research project? Tell us about it here.
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