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Our Stanford partnerships

As with all dimensions of our work, our partnerships at Stanford University are diverse, interconnected, and continually evolving. Take a look at our current initiatives below.


We have a long-term partnership with the Stanford Center for Human Rights and International Justice (CHRIJ), focused on initiatives that use entrepreneurship and social impact values to further the promotion of democratic principles and human rights in Southeast Asia and beyond.


We are proud to host Stanford summer interns at our Potato Productions headquarters in Singapore. Students spend the summer working with one of our holding companies, gaining uniquely valuable insight and experience into living and working in Southeast Asia. These internships hold the possibility of longer-term professional career opportunities with our vast network across the region.


We work closely with Stanford student entrepreneurship and social impact groups, such as the Stanford Social Entrepreneurial Students Association (SENSA) and the Affiliated Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (ASES) to foster interest in understanding the potential impact of their ideas within the context of Southeast Asia. Our network allows us to directly connect these groups to individuals on the ground, helping turn ideas into action. 


We are building a student-led organization where students can engage with Southeast Asia through a variety of opportunities to foster student interest and understanding of Southeast Asia. As Southeast Asia becomes increasingly influentially globally, we hope these events and exchanges will increase awareness and connection between visionary youths, thinkers, and entrepreneurs in the US and in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Forum

We are always looking for new collaborations at Stanford and beyond. If you’re interested in connecting with us to explore how we might work together, click the button below!

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