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Building a sustainable world

We believe collaborative partnerships can create an equitable future.

Who we are


Hello, we are

Potato Impact Partners

We are a US-based social impact organization. We seek to build community and partnerships between the US and Southeast Asia to accelerate positive change, innovation, and impact-based investments.


Our mission

We support bold ideas that have the power to create a more equitable, sustainable, and just Southeast Asia and the world.

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What we do

Our work amplifies impact to the Southeast Asian region and falls into three main pillars. 


Through our investment arm, Potato Impact Fund, we direct resources to bolster the sustainability ecosystem across Southeast Asia and the globe. Our first fund is focused on seaweed and aquaculture.

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In collaboration with Stanford University, we established the Southeast Asia Forum. The Forum hosts events and programs to provide students with real-world experiences to deepen their learning.

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We provide timely perspectives and thought leadership on the seaweed and aquaculture space with a focus on sustainability in Southeast Asia. 


Our approach

We are proud to be an all-female team with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This guides and shapes our work.

Gender lens

Women's voices matter. We adopt a gender lens when implementing our programs and investments. We ensure that our work takes into account different genders and impacts women and other systemically underrepresented groups.

Diversity lens

Being different is a superpower. Research suggests that diverse teams perform better. DEI is central to our mission and we strive to create opportunities for underserved communities.

Mental wellness lens

We can only do good work if we are healthy and well. We treat our stakeholders, whether they are our partners or beneficiaries, as people first. We value both our mental wellness and that of those we work with.

Get Involved
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Get Involved

We collaborate with universities and research centers to promote meaningful exchange and collaboration between the United States and Southeast Asia through different initiatives. This ranges from speaker series, workshops, dinners, and professional development opportunities. We are always seeking new partnerships, and welcome inquiries from interested students, faculty, and researchers.

University Partnerships

We offer internship programs in Southeast Asia and the US with a focus on tech, sustainability, and other applicable areas. College students are placed with companies in our Potato Productions network and gain access to experts, networks, and connections to Southeast Asia and the US. 


Our impact seed fund supports early-stage seaweed and aquaculture startups who are revolutionizing the food industry. If you are a startup founder or working on an exciting idea in the space, we'd love to hear from you.

Potato Impact Fund

Meet The Team

Meet the team

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Sarah Wan-Yau

Managing Director, Potato Impact Partners

Sarah represents Potato Productions in the US, and oversees US-based programs, operations, strategy, partnerships and collaborations. She previously served in leadership roles with The Asia Foundation in fundraising, board development, and program development in the areas of women's empowerment, environmental sustainability, governance and regional cooperation across Asia-Pacific.

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Tessa Charupatanapongse

Senior Project Manager, Potato Impact Partners

Investment Associate, Potato Impact Fund

Tessa drives operations, process building, communications, and storytelling for Potato Impact Partners and supports deal sourcing and evaluating opportunities for the Potato Impact Fund. She's worked at the intersection of social impact, gender, and startups, having been the communications lead for a gender lens VC and a Program Manager for She Loves Tech, the largest startup competition for women in technology.

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Natalie Longmire-Kulis

Program Manager, Stanford Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Investment Analyst, Potato Impact Fund

Natalie supports deal sourcing for the Potato Impact Fund and manages Southeast Asia programs and partnerships at Stanford University, focusing on human rights and sustainability. She previously lived and worked in Indonesia as a trial monitor at the human rights court and as a researcher at one of Indonesia’s leading ocean justice NGOs.

Meet the advisors

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Han Shih Lee

Founder & Director, Potato Productions

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Debby Ng

National Geographic Explorer & Marine Biologist

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Chairul Irawan

Co-Founder, The Janus Lab

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Katrina Too

Resident Coach, 500 Global

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David Cohen

Faculty Co-Director, Stanford Center for Human Rights and International Justice

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Sheila Manokaran

Co-Founder, River Valley Irregulars

Michella Irawan-Headshot.png
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Michella Irawan

Tuna Girl, Nexus Indonesia, Collabit Founder

Bonnie Lin.jpeg
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Bonnie Lin

Investment Advisor

Our Partners

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“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, we shall be saved” - Jane Goodall

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